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  José Carlos del Ama is associate professor at Central Connecticut State Univertsity. Other stepstones of his academic career: University of Connecticut, Johannes Gutenberg Universität Mainz (Germany), Universidad de Navarra (Spain)
2000- Ph.D. Johannes-Gutenberg Universität Mainz, Germany, Institut für Publizistik: Degree in Communication Sciences Dissertation: "Honor and Public Opinion". MAGNA CUM LAUDE
1996- M.A. Johannes-Gutenberg Universität Mainz, Master Degree in Communication Sciences SUMMA CUM LAUDE (Mit Auszeichnung).
1986- M.A. Universidad Complutense, Madrid, Spain,1982-1987 Facultad de Ciencias de la Información.

Professor del Ama has had an intensive career as a teacher and researcher. He has published books, articles and book chapters in three different languages: English, German, and Spanish.

At present, he is working on his third book: “Public Opinion in Cervantes’s Spain”.

The author has also been carrying out opinion surveys and market analyses related to publicity in mass media at the Institut für Demoskopie in Allensbach (Germany). Prof. del Ama has also a dilated media experience, with special emphasis in new technologies.


New Communication technologies are growing rapidly and changing the paradigm of communication in all possible contexts. Interpersonal communication, professional and organizational communication, mass communication are going through a revolution that not only affects the channels, but also the contents and the nature of the whole communication process. New technologies have given rise to new roles and roles expectations in communication dynamics that were unthinkable just a few years ago. I have lately integrated the subject “new technologies” in my research and teaching agenda. I try to explore the new ways that digital media open – or force – in the fields of journalism and public relations. The result of this research is a series of courses on Web-publishing created at Central Connecticut State University. The goal of those courses is to prepare students to develop unique Web-publishing concepts that integrate different streaming media and exploit the interactive potential of the channel. I have also used the Web-publishing skills promoting programs, scholarship and activities at CCSU (click on the thumbnails bellow to see some examples).


teaching philosophy


Teaching is the perfect complement to my activity as a researcher in the field of social sciences, an opportunity to share what I learn, and also a stimulus to keep learning.

The most fascination aspect of higher education is the possibility of intellectually stimulating my students. If the final objective of education is to create citizens that are able to make responsible and productive use of his/her individual freedom, the awakening of the intellect is the basic moment in this process. It is also strictly necessary that the individuals develop the degree of self-discipline that will allow them to look beyond self-interest and self-satisfaction. Citizenship and cosmopolitism are the values I try to instill into my students along with the specific subject of the courses. With them, they should be able to construct their own character ahead of fashions and social streams.

contact information


José Carlos del Ama

Department of Communication

Central Connecticut State Univeristy

1615 Stanley Street

New Britain, CT 06050-4010

(860) 832 3211