Public Opinion Research

Surveys have become an accurate instrument to study the trends and dynamics of national or international public opinion. I had the opportunity to learn the most sophisticated public opinion research strategies and techniques at the Institut für Demoskopie Allensbach (Allensbach Public Opinion Research Center, Germany). This research center was founded by Elisabeth Noelle-Neumann and Peter Neumann in 1947. Allensbach was pioneer in the field public opinion research in Europe, and still keeps a worldwide reputation of excellence and accuracy.

Public opinion research is nowadays an indispensable instrument for both the development of social sciences and the planning of effective communications campaigns.

In modern commercial or political communication, surveys have become part of the everyday routine. Any sound communication campaign should rest on solid knowledge about the differences market segments, as well as on reliable audience research. Surveys give us the necessary information about public preferences and trends to decide our communicational strategies. They are also necessary to monitor the development of our strategic communicational moves, as well as to evaluate the final outcomes of the campaign.

One of my research emphases is to develop public opinion research instruments that better allow us to capture public attitudes and sentiments.