PR: Historical Classics and Contemporary Masterpieces

This book’s aim is to provide public relations students, practitioners and also scholars with a repertoire of cases that can help them understand or explain both the historical development of the profession and the newest trends in the field. In its first part, the book gathers some milestones in the PR history. The reader becomes then familiar with essential names for the profession, such as Edward L. Bernays or Ivy L. Lee. Some landmark moments in the world of communication, like the infamous propaganda ministry of the German National-Socialist regime, are also analyzed in order to reveal the relationship between public relations and political power. The cases selected for the book tried to cover examples of all possible types of organizations and actors in the process of public relations. Special attention is paid to the subject crisis communication, for such extreme situations, in which the existence of the organization is at stake, are ideal to show the benefits of effective communication, or the harm that communication mismanagement can cause. The contemporary cases chosen for the second part of the book focus on international public relations. In the modern world, the new technologies have enlarged the scope of traditional mass communication and broke all national borders. Organizations now have to develop their activities in front of the eyes of the whole world. Thus, every selected case illustrates the complexity of public relations when dealing with international audiences.